Cardia Compostable resins, films, products and bags are made from biodegrable GMO free, renewable plant based material, that has a lower carbon foot print than conventional petroleum based products.

International Standards

Cardia Compostable biodegradable resins, film, products and bags meet international standards for compostability, including:

  • • Europe’s EN 13432
  • • USA’s ASTM D 6400
  • • Japan’s GreenPla
  • • Australia’s AS 4736

By choosing Cardia Compostable you can offer your customers compostable packaging, film, bags and products with no additional investment in your existing production equipment.

Soft touch, Colourable & Printable

Derived from renewable resources, Cardia Compostable resins are soft touch, colourable and printable. We can develop compounds for specific customer needs as well as offer a base compostable resin range. Typical compostable resin applications include:

  • • Flexible Films to 120 microns – Mulch film, over wrap, shrink wrap, shopping bags, waste bags
  • • Coating and Laminates – Cartons, indoor signage
  • • Injection mouldings – Closures, clips, labels, tags, utensils, pens
  • • Blow mouldings – Containers, bottles

Cardia Bioplastics can also tailor Cardia Compostable compounds to suit customer specific applications.