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The quality sustainable choice

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Compostable biodegradable bags & products.

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Manufactured from

non GMO renewable resources

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The quality sustainable choice

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Cardia bags & products are

ideal for your home, garden,

business & community

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Used around the world

in homes, by councils, businesses

& leading brands

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Lower carbon footprint & heavy metal free

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Strong Soft-touch bags

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Earth friendly bags & products.

Cardia Compostable

Cardia Compostable biodegradable resins, film, products and bags are made from GMO free, annually renewable, plant based compostable materials.


International Standards

Cardia Compostable resins, films and bags are biodegradable materials that meet international standards for compostability, including:

    • Europe’s EN 13432
    • USA’s ASTM D 6400
    • Japan’s GreenPla
    • Australia’s AS 4736

Cardia Compostable enables you to offer your customers compostable packaging and plastic products, without additional investment in businesses existing production equipment.


Versatile, Colourable & Printable

Derived from renewable plant resources, Cardia Compostable resins are soft touch, colourable and printable. Typical compostable resin applications include:

  • Flexible Films to 120 microns – Mulch film, over wrap, shrink wrap, shopping bags, waste bags
  • Coating and Laminates – Cartons and food packaging
  • Injection mouldings – Closures, clips, labels, tags, utensils, pens


Certified Biodegradable & Compostable To International Standards

  • Europe EN13432
  • USA ASTM D6400
  • AUS AS4736
  • Japan Green Pla

Cardia Compostable biodegradable bags and products have a proven composting performance in industrial operations and at home. With our in-depth knowledge in organic waste management, we can provide you with expertise, guidance and a complete range of organic waste management products.


Cardia Compostable Bags

Cardia Compostable biodegradable bags are a proprietary blend of biodegradable resins and industrial corn starch. Bags undergo degradation in composting by natural biological processes and do not leave any toxic residue. Designed for multiple uses, these strong high performing bags are the same shape and size as existing plastic bags, and are suitable for disposal in council collected green waste bins.


Cardia Compostable bags deliver high product performance.

  • Strong & tough
  • Good sealability
  • Long shelf life
  • Superior puncture & tear resistance
  • Impact toughness
  • Breathable - great for controlling odour & dissipating moisture
  • Validated by Councils, waste management companies, retailers & brand owners



Cardia Compostable resins give you a competitive edge. Please contact us for details.



Gain the competitive edge for your laminated products and make them fully biodegradable with Cardia Compostable film resins. Please contact us for details.


Injection Mouldings

Cardia Compostable resins are ideal for compostable injection moulded products. Please contact us for details.