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Australian Councils use Cardia Compostable bags for their organic waste diversion programmes

3/08/2015 7:46 PM  |  Cardia News

More Australian Councils are using Cardia Compostable waste management bags for their organic waste diversion programmes. Cardia Bioplastics organic waste management products are being successfully used by Albury City, City of Wodonga, and Corowa and Indigo Shires for their kitchen scraps and garden waste diversion programmes. Four additional Australian Councils have ordered Cardia Compostable waste management bags for their large scale organics diversion programmes.


Kitchen organic waste collection using Cardia Compostable bags will expand and cover 100,000 households. Food and garden waste are the main sources of organic waste in landfills. At this stage, most households are placing organic material such as food scraps and garden waste, into their residual waste bin.


According to programmes such as Halve Waste and City to Soil, the average household garbage is made up of 20 % food waste and 9% garden waste which adds up to a significant amount of material going into landfill that could be composted and used by local growers to improve soil fertility.


Over the last five years, Cardia Bioplastics has closely cooperated with Councils, waste management companies and industrial composters to validate and optimise the product offering of its compostable kitchen tidy bags and kitchen tidy bins, from household use to waste collection and composting. Cardia benefits now from this work through the expanding uptake of its waste management products by Australian Councils for their organic waste diversion programmes.


Cardia Bioplastics CEO, Dr Frank Glatz stated, “We are very excited that more Australian Councils are adopting organic waste diversion programmes and that our Cardia Compostable waste mangagement products are the nominated choice for these programmes. Our waste management systems were developed to allow households to easily capture food scraps and garden waste to go into an organic waste stream and efficiently perform in industrial composting.”


Dr Glatz continues, “As a business, we recognised that diverting organic waste from landfills using compostable bin liners has become essential as landfills are filling up and landfill prices are rising in line with this. We are seeing rapid growth in the uptake of our Cardia Compostable organic waste management systems, amongst Councils within Australia and throughout the world.”


Diverting organic waste from landfills in Australia represents an immense opportunity. Australian landfills are filling up and organic material can be utilised to create quality compost. Organic diversion programmes make both good environmental and business sense.


The selection of Cardia Compostable waste management products by Australian Councils for their organic waste diversion programmes, further validates that Cardia Compostable and Biohybrid™ products are the quality sustainable choice.


With the launch of the Cardia Bioproducts Compostable retail range, households and businesses now have the opportunity to use compostable bin liners and bags for all their waste management needs.

Author: Nadya Krienke-Becker

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