Cardia Biohybrid™ Pet Waste Bags – Blue Flat Top – 2 Rolls plus Dispenser


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Cardia Biohybrid™ pet waste bags are ideal earth-friendly solution when you need a product that doesn’t have an expiry date like our compostable range. Choose this product when you expect it to last more than a year. If you expect to use it up within the year, we recommend choosing something from our compostable range instead.

If you already have a dispenser, why not take a look at our refill packs here and here.


Product Specs

Length: 80cm

Width: 65cm

Bags Per Roll: 25


Cardia Biohybrid™

Cardia Biohybrid™ products can be recycled in the normal plastic waste stream.

The Biohybrid™ product contains up to 50% sustainable material, and has a carbon footprint that is up to 60% lower than that of conventional petroleum based polyethylene products,

Unlike our Cardia Compostable range, Cardia Biohybrid™ products do not have a shelf life.


  • Lower carbon footprint – verified by independent Life Cycle Assessment
  • Made with less oil
  • Heavy metal free
  • Contains GMO free renewable plant based material
  • Reduces global warming by sequestering CO2
  • Cost effective alternative to fossil fuel derived PE bags
  • Superior puncture, tear and heat resistance
  • Leak proof
  • Impact toughness
  • Recyclable in conventional plastic recycling streams



Additional information

Weight 0.187 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4 cm
QTY (packs)

1, 48 (carton)


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